Zenit by Rimadesio

“The Zenit flows through the room, creating free space and innovative storage structures…”

The Zenit walk-in wardrobe is another modern and innovative sectional walk in wardrobe from Rimadesio. A versatile system where each element can be freely positioned to a height that suits your space. The system is in fact the exclusive element hooking system which allows “open modularity” in the room. Superior manufacturing has resulted in a long lasting product designed to optimize your storage space.

The concept is open shelving placed between aluminium uprights, which in addition can be fixed to the ceiling and also the wall. Perfect for creating an open feeling within a spacious environment. Furthermore the absence of back panels means the uprights are extremely sturdy. Shelves and accessories can be placed at varying widths and heights. Which also allows you to create a walk in wardrobe that has a unique and characteristic layout.

Less is more is the idea behind Zenit. There are a range of accessories available from drawers to hanging. Everything that can be composed does not compromise on space. Zenit keeps your walk in wardrobe free flowing and practical. Finally there are a selection of storage components and finishes to choose from which allow you to create a system that works for you.

Visit the Rimadesio Walk In Wardrobes site for more information on the brand and also to see their collection.

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