Dress Bold by Rimadesio

“A combination of style & structure, the Dress Bold creates wondrous open spaces with minimal intrusion on the clean contemporary aesthetic”

We offer the Dress Bold system from Rimadesio. A walk in wardrobe with the option to create compositions for linear, corner and C-shaped solutions. In addition it offers two aesthetical options: with visible uprights or with wall panels. Furthermore the wall panels are available in a range of glasses and also wooden finishes, meaning a truly spectacular walk in wardrobe can be made.

There are a range of accessories and added extras available. These can be freely placed along the wall upright by means of a patented expansion fixing system that requires no holes. The fixing of the Dress Bold gives a minimalist feel, creating the sense of greater open space. Everything from shelving, drawers and pull out holders are also available.

Dress Bold is a truly superior system that lets you create something not only practical but also divine. A walk in wardrobe that pairs modern design and manufacturing with the traditional concepts associated with optimal storage.

Finally there are a wide range of finishes available. You can compliment or also contrast the accessories with a choice of wooden and painted textures. The Dress Bold is accompanied perfectly by Sliding Doors, also from Rimadesio, to create a complete walk in space. Matching designs and styles is something we do best. You can be guaranteed of a composition that will flow elegantly throughout.

Visit the Rimadesio Walk In Wardrobes Walk In Wardrobes site to find out more about the brand and their products.


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